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Putting your Money where your mouth is: How the Tech Industry Can Affect Meaningful Change

Right now, given recent events, many companies in the prosperous tech industry have chosen to speak out in support of the black community. While the recent statements of support are a step in the right direction, there must be a more pointed effort towards tangible change. There is currently much discussion in the zeitgeist regarding re-allocating police funds towards communities of color in order to address injustice, but this could be very difficult to execute, considering the amount of bureaucracy and red tape standing in the way. In reality the booming tech industry already has the funds and resources to empower black communities, not only that, but they also have both a duty and vested interest in doing so. Disenfranchised communities of color in the United States have unfortunately not received the adequate means necessary for funding quality education for their youth. Without an adequate education and marketable skills, members of the community often find themselves in an inescapable cycle of poverty and financial insecurity. By advocating for, supporting, and funding education focused on providing skills for the technology sector, tech companies have the power to empower communities and create meaningful and lasting change. There are currently a number of organizations providing STEM focused education to black youth such as The Hidden Genius Project and Black Girls CODE. Supporting organizations like these will not only financially empower communities, but will also provide the tech industry with an influx of emerging young talent with a radically different perspective than the majority of the workforce population. This will undoubtedly lead to a rise in creativity for an industry that is often dominated by a hegemony of identities and ideas. I implore anyone reading this to support and advocate for these types of organizations within your company and contribute your part to the movement fighting for social justice.

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