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I am a UX/UI designer who thrives on the development of functional designs through a user-centered approach. I strive to empathize with users in order to create optimal designs while maintaining and upholding the needs of project stakeholders and team members.



My name is Omri and I am a UX/UI designer with a strong passion for creating things.

I have an educational background in digital arts and psychology as well as a professional background in marketing, operations and sales. My diverse background and experience have given me a holistic understanding of business needs and goals which informs my design process.

When I am not designing I can be found  at the park with my dog Yams, or at a hole in the wall eatery in search of culinary gems.


Questions or inquiries? Feel free to reach out and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Tel: 1-858-922-3630